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L�fAVENIR ELEVATOR DIGEST a premium magazine on Elevator industry that comes to you from the house of L�fAvenir lift consultancy, one of the leading vertical transportation consulting firms associated with various landmark projects in India with vertical transportation consulting services ranging from Traffic analysis stage to specifying and integration of vertical transportation system into the buildings.


The inaugural issue is being released in the month of June 2013.


L�fAVENIR ELEVATOR DIGEST will connect and complete the cycle of industry stake holders from Elevator component manufacturers, Elevator companies,Developers and Architects community. The magazine would reach the said community pan India and aborad.


Elevator component manufacturers,Elevator companies,Developers and Architects community pan India and abroad. Readership of 50000+ is anticipated.


Looking forward to your participation in lieu of advertising in the magazine and also to develop a long term relationship benifiting the elevator industry.


For more information on promoting and advertising your Green ventures contact jagadishkumar.v@lavenircpl.com.